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At the Big Chill

Shooting begins on Thursday the 6th of August. In order to take part in these events you'll have to be a Big Chill ticket holder and look like one of the undead.

3pm The entertainment area opens and you'll only to be able to get into the Open Air Stage field if you're zombiefied. White face make-up and a bit of fake blood will do, but we'd love it if you could go the whole hog. There will be make-up stations open all day on site, but if you want to get creative check out our simple zombie make-up tutorial. Zombie-themed DJ sets and other entertainment will be running all afternoon to keep you in the mood.

7pm We'll be filming the highlight of the zombie festival, 'The Running Feast'. This is where we need the biggest possible zombie crowd so we can beat the Guinness World Record for the largest amount of zombies caught on camera! The crowd will be greeted by their Zombie King, Noel Fielding. This will be staged as a live event, with music from Toddla T and other special guests. Think 'It's a Knockout' meets 'The Running Man', with specially 'captured' humans chased through an obstacle course by zombies hungry for brains.

Throughout the weekend smaller events will be taking place, including a zombie battle of the bands, an undead fashion show, zombie weddings and a zombie rave. If you want to take part in any of these events let us know, either by mailing us at , or come and say hello at our Zombie HQ by the Film4 Cinema Tent.

The culmination of the weekend's life and death antics with be the ceremonial burning of the zombie on Sunday night - a 20m wooden effigy of living death itself, brought to us by The World Famous, the pyrotechnic team behind last year's Big Warm finale. Don't miss it, it's going to be flamin' huge! (sorry, couldn't resist).

Big Chill Zombies


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